School Memories

When we hear the word ‘School Days’ we will  remember our fun times. How we used to Enjoy sitting at the back benches just to escape from teachers attention or gossiping about other section students and how we used to enjoy our break times. While coming to my point as I used to change my […]

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Travelling Life

The Word “Travelling” explains mixed feelings as enjoyment, experiences, capturing lots of memorable moments, singing songs while driving, road trips and many more. Many people save their salary for travelling all over world, but when you  get a chance to travel to beautiful places from your birth, then you would be treated as the lucky […]

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Filmy world

In our generation people have negatives impression on films as it is not good field especially for girls. In my Childhood I remember I was a naughty kid. On one day my parents gave me television remote to watch any cartoon or anything for sometime so that they can work pleasantly. I started watching cartoons […]

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When Sarcasm turns into Motivation

Being ‘Sarcastic’ is considered cool lately, me being victim of it very often. Targeted for my short-height, I lost confidence and often felt depressed. I often get asked why i’m so depressed just because of my height. Well, I never felt bad about my height. Instead, I get sad because I get made fun of by […]

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The Most Horrific Moment

In our childhood we used to play many games like hide and seek, carom board such things. But we never know that some games make our lives into trouble. I remember that moment in my childhood where I can’t even realize that happened in real or not. One day as usually after my school I […]

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Inspirational Station

In this generation everyone are busy with their different types of gadgets no one have time for their loved ones.. If any problem arises instead of asking to their parents or friends they used to approach internet and within few minutes their problem is solved. While being in this busy society I got to know […]

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