The most special feeling in every girl’s life . Some times it really turns out to be a wrong decision. We remember that love at first sight that blush on our face , that excitement to see him, waiting for lunch break to go to his class just for that one sight , stalk him on Facebook and we observe that instant blush while seeing his pictures.

Without knowing we believe that he is our Man. If anyone talk something wrong about him we cannot tolerate. But we don’t know he is a playboy the time we realize it was too late. That special love letters, Gifts we collected for him turned to be burnt in fire, Few Depressed girl cannot move on and commit suicide.

One thing would tell to that every broken heart girls that life doesn’t end with that boy but that love failure will turned out to be your motivation and one good lesson so never lose your heart and end your life.

School Memories

When we hear the word ‘School Days’ we will  remember our fun times. How we used to Enjoy sitting at the back benches just to escape from teachers attention or gossiping about other section students and how we used to enjoy our break times.

While coming to my point as I used to change my school every 3 years I used to be very excited to meet new people, new teachers, making new friends and all new school stuff. Basically I like all my schooling ages but  My memorable schooling times was when I was in 5th class I used to be in a small town and every one perspective was totally different.

Everyone used to treat me as I am foreigner in our class. And taking part in every event was amazing experience. As my mom is would also work with me higher students girls would also love to interact with me. And the best part would be playing volleyball with them and even practicing dance with them.

I still remember the time when i used to participate in science fair i won prize,  behind my success their is my mom and sister efforts are hidden. And many more fun incidents happened in my schooling I always remember that time and as all others even I also miss my schooling.

In my next post I will tell you how to concentrate on studies rather  been distracted . Stay tuned.)

Travelling Life

road tripThe Word “Travelling” explains mixed feelings as enjoyment, experiences, capturing lots of memorable moments, singing songs while driving, road trips and many more. Many people save their salary for travelling all over world, but when you  get a chance to travel to beautiful places from your birth, then you would be treated as the lucky one.

When your Dad got transferred for first time after your birth to Delhi, mom didn’t know that they will collect many memorable moments. We used to travel all over North to South places where we gathered many  beautiful memories. Our childhood was spent with these amazing places.

For me Road trips where the best. I still remember we used to travelling all over night we stopped for dinner in a dhaba, that night was so beautiful that I can see sky clearly filled with stars. It was an amazing view.

And many more beautiful moments spent in our road trips are unforgettable. My childhood have gone through these road trips meeting different kinds of people, culture, tradition, language and many more.

In the next post I am going to share my school memories with you. Stay tuned.

Filmy world

20180917_193206.jpgIn our generation people have negatives impression on films as it is not good field especially for girls.

In my Childhood I remember I was a naughty kid. On one day my parents gave me television remote to watch any cartoon or anything for sometime so that they can work pleasantly.

I started watching cartoons and some programmes which were very interesting like KBC. And few movies which inspired me a lot.

The craze of films made me to opt that as my profession but our parents wants us to do any software job or Government job.

This was just one example of killing our dreams. I know a girl who had a lot of dreams about her future she wanted to be an astronaut, but for her parents she killed her dreams.

Later on she opted for an interior designer as usually parents did not accelt but still she fight back to them and prove them wrong.

This make us understand that “Anything is possible until you have faith in yourself”.

In the next post I am going to share my travelling experiences with you. Stay tuned.



When Sarcasm turns into Motivation

Being ‘Sarcastic’ is considered cool lately, me being victim of it very often. Targeted for my short-height, I lost confidence and often felt depressed.

I often get asked why i’m so depressed just because of my height. Well, I never felt bad about my height. Instead, I get sad because I get made fun of by my friends.

It is easy to criticize someone, but it’s hard to forget their painful words.

For a moment, I accepted that I can’t gain height anymore. So what? Can’t loose my confidence just because of that!

Later on, I’ve realized a way to handle these comments. I’ve started giving back-answers to these sarcastic comments, which was not easy.

There could me many good and bad memories in life. But sadly, the bad memories seem more prominent and are impossible to forget.

In the next post, I am going to share my “Love towards Films”. Stay tuned.


The Most Horrific Moment

In our childhood we used to play many games like hide and seek, carom board such things.

But we never know that some games make our lives into trouble.

I remember that moment in my childhood where I can’t even realize that happened in real or not.

One day as usually after my school I came to my mom’s school and playing with my friends hide and seek. While playing we discovered one place near to school, it was a jungle type place and a old house.

When we entered we saw an old lady sitting on her chair and listening to music. We asked her “Can we play hide and seek here”

She smiled and said “Yes ofcourse”. After an hour in the middle of the game my friends went to their houses and I didn’t know.

When I got to know I thought i should also leave but that old lady insisted to stay. She gave me fruits and I was having nice time with her and suddenly I saw my mom and few school faculty people shouting my name along with my friends.

When I went to mom and said everything she was shocked because there was no old lady out their. And my mom thought I was lying. While leaving that place I turned back I saw that lady was smiling toward me..

After that moment I was scared to go any lonely places..

In the next post I am going to share how few things changed my mentality.. Stay tuned.

When you realise that your Mom turns into ‘SUPERWOMAN’

Our mother’s are great human who can handle household works along with our’s. And just for our better future they sacrifices their life.

Just for our sake she used to wake up early prepare food, pack our bags, send us to college or school and till we return home she used to be worried..

She will be very protective to her children.

I still remember that day when I was soo distracted from my studies (negative way). She helped me to get out of that distraction and convinced me that how I was destroying my career.

She is my “Super Hero”. So I know many people will related to it but if anyone didn’t I really advice you that she is our well wisher not an enemy..

In the next post I am going to share about my horrifying experience. So Stay Tuned..

Inspirational Station

In this generation everyone are busy with their different types of gadgets no one have time for their loved ones.. If any problem arises instead of asking to their parents or friends they used to approach internet and within few minutes their problem is solved.

While being in this busy society I got to know about blogging from my cousin. She is a blogger from a couple of years who used to blog about her child daily activities and inspires many people.

She told me how the blogging made her life benefited and even she shares her experiences of motherhood. After watching her blog it really inspires me how one can share their ideas or personal life experiences which may helpful for other bloggers.

From the next post I am going to share my few life experiences being in an restricted family.. Stay tuned.